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If you were fortunate to sight marine mammals or have dealt with strandings, kindly record them here and help build a database.

Your submission will be freely available on the internet for cetacean research and conservation.

Please provide appropriate contact information considering that genuinely interested persons may like to contact you.

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Sightings and Strandings

Ketki Jog
9/A, Balaji Apartments, Dutta Raul Marg, Dadar, Mumbai 400028
INDIA - Maharashtra
Indo-Pacific finless porpoise
* According to the current understanding of distribution, Fin, Minke and Sei whales are not present in the Northern Indian ocean.
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N. phocaenoides was probably brought ashore in a gill net craft at about 1600 hrs on 5th April 2018. Total length: 165.1 cm. Sex: Male. External examination: Code 2; Eyes appeared bloodshot, wound around the body just behind the head from being entangled in the net; 3 to 4 surface wounds resembling rake marks on the right lateral side of the body behind the flipper. At the point where the right flipper joined the body, a slight superficial notch like wound was observed (no bleeding). Internal examination: Haemolysis in the muscle had just begun; Presence of foam in the lungs; Partially digested fish remains found in the stomach; no other signs of injury to internal organs.
The carcass was reported by Abhilasha Sharma (+918700143445)
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